Sai seeds care product supplier in bhubaneswar
Location: Bhubaneswar - Orissa
Date Posted: 08 Febrero
The team of Sai Seeds Care consists of microbiologists and bio-technologists who work towards their objective to develop new biological products suitable to specific surroundings which help farmers in augmenting the productivity and quality of the agricultural produce. The team at Sai Seeds Care product supplier in Bhubaneswar encourages use of hydroponic and aero ponic method of cultivation with a motive to enhance production quality and quantity ensuring disease free organic process of cultivation in a controlled eco-friendly atmosphere. The green house technology combined with tissue cultured planting material are also paid heed by them in order to improve uniform mass scale production as well as a farmer’s income within a short span of time in order to meet global organic, disease free, non-toxic fresh food abundance to the human life, veterinary world and aqua culture. Their goal is to obtain a friendly clean world, especially focusing on our own nation of India. All the products manufactured by Sai Seeds Care are environment-friendly.
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Address : Plot no 4899, Lewis Rd, BJB Nagar, Rabitakies square, nearby Shree hospital Bhubaneswar,Orissa, India 751014, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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