Stainless steel equipments supplier in odisha Rs 1
Location: Bhubaneswar - Orissa
Date Posted: 28 Abril
Attributes like anti-corrosion, superior heat resistance, stainless, easy maintenance etc makes Stainless Steel a widely preferred material for producing world class Steel Equipment’s. Steel Equipment’s are easier to maintain and last a lifetime even if minimal care is taken of them. They usually come in shiny or in matte finish and have a smoother surface with anti-stick properties which makes them very easy to clean. Their tensile strength, heat resistance and shape retention capacity of stainless Steel is remarkable making it a wiser choice over other metals. At Amicable Equipment’s we manufacture a wide variety of Steel Equipment’s like Kitchen Equipment’s made for domestic and commercial purpose, Steel furniture, Steel gates, Railway Equipment’s, canteen Equipment’s, Catering and food service Equipment’s, Hospital Equipment’s, College and Industrial Equipment’s etc.
Advertiser: Particular
Price: Rs 1
VSS Nagar Over bridge Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751010, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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